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‘Tasks digitalized’ will be a weekly post that will take a typical classroom task, project, assignment, or technique and digitalize it. We know that not everything we do in the classroom requires a technology component, but we also know that when we can incorporate technology it can motivate reluctant students, thereby improving learning and thinking for more of our students.
Often we think of the tool and then think of how we can use it in the classroom. I propose that we start by thinking of the purpose of the lesson/unit. After we determine the enduring understanding or big idea, then we can plan the lesson components and think about appropriate technology tools that can be used to engage and motivate students.
The inspiration for this post came from The Innovative Educator’s November 22 post, ’21st Century Educators Don’t Say, “Hand It In.” They say, “Publish It!’ Thanks for the idea.

So, each week I will take a classroom task and show some ways that educators can integrate technology in order to enhance it.

This week’s task: The Book Report

Purpose: Share books students read, encourage book sharing, prove students read book…
This is a common assigned task in classrooms all around the globe.

Ways to digitalize it…

Book Reviews shared on classroom blog or wiki

How to do it?
Set up a class blog or wiki by going to the following places:

Podcast it!

Instead of having students write a report to be handed in, have them create a podcast of their report that can then be published online.

Project ideas might include:

  • Interview with main character podcast
  • Interview with author podcast
  • Book review podcast

How to do it?
After writing their project have students use Audacity, or Garageband to record their project, add music to the beginning and end, and publish as an mp3 to be posted online (on podbean, or other website) and subscribed to through iTunes.

Audacity (free and extremely easy to use)

Podbean has various different levels of membership, starting with a free level which gives you 100 MB of storage (for 2.49 a month you can get 1 GB of storage).

Book Posters go digital!

Use Glogster to have students create digital posters focusing on-
– Specific books (review or summary)
-character focus (introducing main character to the world)

How to do it?

Make sure you register for the edu version- see this great tutorial on how to use Glogster

Digital posters can include ratings, summaries, links to author websites or reviews of book, links to audio or video interviews from authors, and more!

Create commercial for book

Students love creating videos, and it is easy to do!

How to do it?

After students write and practice the script they are ready to use a digital camcorder to film their commercial, then they simply upload to a computer and use a video editing software (Windows Movie Maker or iMovie work well) to edit it with titles and credits.

Many educators like using VideoSpin as well to edit video.

After students publish their movies have a premier event, including a red carpet for all the stars, producers, and writers!

These are just some ideas on how you can digitalize book reports. We’d love to here your ideas, so if you have any make sure you add them here.

4 thoughts on “Tasks Digitalized

  1. [riffly_audio]76E6CD38DE2911DE8432E33E17436622[/riffly_audio]

    Also, I think a lot of teachers can use this to get their feet wet using tech in the classroom. Thanks again for the great post!

    1. Thanks Lee for the response- I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I agree that if teachers can get their feet wet they will be more encouraged to continue taking risks and integrating technology.

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