Technology Integration

It is not about the tools, or the gadgets, it is about the purpose of the learning.  Good teaching, is good teaching. A true technology integrator is a facilitator in their classroom and is able to bring together content knowledge, pedagogy, and technology knowledge.  They can start with their purpose of learning, plan activities that show good teaching (pedagogy), and choose an appropriate technology that enhances motivation and authentic learning in their classroom.


I like to refer to the TPACK Model first as it gives a good overall, overarching picture of how all the components go together and work with each other. I believe that Pedagogy is key to look at. Specifically think about having your students co-use technology, ie having students working and collaborating together on projects not simply plugging in and using technology in isolation.

Other technology integration models include SAMR and more recently The Triple E Framework.

SAMR is a nice model to refer to if you have a project that you want to look at to see where it falls on the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) scale. The key though is to realize that this scale doesn’t mean you will be always at the Redefinition level, but rather, depending on the learning purpose, you may ‘live’ in the Augmentation/Modification and ‘visit’ Substitution and Redefinition.

More recently The Triple E Framework has been created by Liz Kolb, clinical assistant professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I love this model as its purpose is to see how the technology integration addresses the learning goal. It includes three components: Engagement, Enhancement and Extension. I will be referring to this framework more as I continue to explore technology integration in the classroom.  If you would like to learn more about this framework I highly encourage you to read Learning First, Technology Second: The Educator’s Guide to Designing Authentic Lessons by Liz Kolb.


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  1. Hello Dodie:

    Thanks for sharing your site on Twitter. This pic project is something that I will be doing personally, and some of my friends are participating as well. This project seems to fit well in a classroom, and I know my own 7th graders will enjoy the merging of photography, Twitter, creative writing as well as logging their year, so to speak.

    Thanks again!

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