Different Styles = Different Learners

Here’s my first attempt at creating a cartoon using Toondoo.  I wanted to explore this tool because the more tools we have for students to express themselves, the more students we will reach. Different students…different styles… require different approaches. This webtool is easy to use and has great features to engage students in your classroom that you might not be able to reach with conventional projects. Imagine the possibilities of using it to have students:

  • Show evidence of learned content
  • Define key vocabulary through cartoons
  • Retell a story graphically
  • Demonstrate conversational language (great with second language learning)


 Other information about Toondoo:

  • Free individual accounts
  • Has educational ToonDooSpaces platform for districts to have their own secure space for students and teachers to publish and share their toons. This is a very reasonable price as well, figured out by user and month.
  • Has great variety of images to use, but you can also import your images, edit them and use them in your toon.
  • You can create books of your toons too!  (or a class toon book… how cool is that?)

Find more ideas and other cartoon creators

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