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This week is the last week of the 2010-2011 school year here in upstate New York. Ever since I became an educator I have used summer as a time of rejuvenation, reflection, and growth. I have allowed myself time to truly relax but also reflect on the past year and choose a goal for the summer.  Usually this would mean something that I’ve always wanted to learn, or do.

Even though I will be working through the summer this year, I still think it is important to take time for summer goals. As educators we need to remain actively engaged in our own professional growth.  So, my summer challenge to you is to think about what you’ve always wanted to do, or learn… and make a list.  From that list decide what you want to tackle this summer and go for it! Just remember to be realistic and make sure you don’t choose too many growth goals.

So, what’s your goal for this summer?  Add them to the comments here…

Need some ideas for a summer full of growth?  Here are just a few…

Want to learn about web 2.0 tools? Check out: Learn it in 5 or Remember, don’t try to learn all the web tools, because that is impossible. Think about a specific purpose and go with those tools that can help you fulfill that purpose.

Want to be inspired? Check out: TED Talks (this link goes to a list by keyword ‘inspiring’, but feel free to search for your own topic)

How about learning a topic out of your normal comfort zone? Check out Khan Academy to learn about algebra, geometry, chemistry, biology, banking and money, economics, history and more! (This is actually one of my goals, since math is one of my weakest subjects, I’m starting with geometry.)

Teach yourself a new language, with a little help… LiveMocha

Build (or grow) your Personal Learning Network. This was my goal two summers ago and I can honestly say it has paid me back tenfold. For more information check out my last PLN post: ‘PLNs Gathering Steam‘.

Read, Read, Read… depending on your goal- here’s a great list that keeps growing ‘Great Reads for Educators‘.

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    1. It really depends on what your specific educational purpose is. If you want to organize your resources I would suggest diigo- since then you can go back to resources easily.

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