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Thanks to @kylepace for starting a movement… a positive #edumoment movement. It’s all about using our PLN to share the positive moments from this past year.

To join the movement:

  1. Read @kylepace post: What was your moment? A call to share the positives.
  2. Follow #edumoment on twitter
  3. Share your positive moment and don’t forget to use the #edumoment hashtag so we can read and celebrate all the great positive moments that happened this year!

This year has been full of many changes and discussions on how to reform education to make sure we are meeting the needs of all our students. With so many different ideas, mandates, policies, and uncertainties with financial limitations on the horizon it is a perfect time to reflect on the good that has happened this past year.

Here are some of the great #edumoments that have already been shared:

@djainslie (me):  Got an email from a st I had my 1st year of teaching- she is doing her st teaching and wanted to let me know the impact I had 🙂 #edumoment

@iteamalli: My #edumoment was when I took a step back and let myself be a learner. I get more out of being a facilitator than a lecturer anyway.

@missnoor28: Best #edumoment was participatin in @QueenRania Award.Twitter has given me a positive attitude towards teaching and lifelong learning

@Becky_Ellis_: #edumoment… hearing teachers ooh and ahh when I presented a compilation of TED talks… and then seeing them in use

@BryantHistoryT: Best #edumoment for me was realizing how much twitter can and will be helping me with my dissertation. It’s built an AWESOME PLN.

@markbarnes19: Teacher who took my Web 2.0 course said the tools completely changed how she teaches #edumoment We read daily; a student told me she never completed a book on her own before this year; she just read her 11th #edumoment

@bethstill shared two: Watching a student embrace blogging after her initial reaction of “blogging sucks!” #edumoment Second #edumoment was when I received an email from my principal which contained a link and the words, “I found this on Twitter.”

@sdroyer: #edumoment Student who failed to engage majority of year thrived while learning/using Scratch & taught “gifted” students lots about program

@edtechsteve: #edumoment Getting 300+ middle schoolers using Kidblogs for digital portfolios- Awesome, authentic stuff with authentic audiences!

Come join the ‘edumoment’!  Take some time to reflect on the positives of this past year!  I’m sure it will make you smile, it did me.

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