PLNs Gathering Steam?

So it has been over a year (close to two years) since I have created my PLN and I continue to be amazed by the power it gives me. I’m not talking authority power, I’m talking knowledge power. Through tools like Google Reader, Twitter (+Hootsuite), Diigo, and Ning I am able to connect and gather knowledge 24/7 from global educators. When I first started using Twitter my colleagues would look at me strangely if I said anything like ‘I learned that from my twitter PLN’, or referenced them in anyway. Sometimes, I have to admit I would just say ‘I learned it from my PLN’ and not go too far in depth because I didn’t want to have to justify why I use twitter one more time.  That changed about 6 months ago.  Now I mention people I know and happily share where and how I got the information.  As educators, isn’t it our jobs to be life long learners?  The only way I see to be that efficiently, and do it well, is through the online tools I have mentioned. Now I work with teachers and administrators to help them build their global PLNs.

Why is it important for us to connect to a global PLN? Check out this VoiceThread and hear why others connect.

Check out my video below: PLN Research 2010: why have one?

Are you just getting started with twitter and developing your PLN? Check out these resources:

Ten Steps for Educators new to twitter and Why Educators should be using twitter (by @justintarte)

Build Your PLN- great tools to look into and forums to join (by @wfryer)

Ten ways to grow as an educator (by @whatedsaid)

Five ways to build your 1.0 and 2.0 Personal Learning Network (by @innovativeedu)

My PLN Development page can be found at: Technology Thoughts Wiki
My diigo PLN tag bookmarks can be found at:

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  1. Thanks @mgraffin- it is a great Voicethread and one I will be sharing with my staff as we develop our PLNs. (and thanks for adding your other link here as well.

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