Edmodo, yes!

edmodoHave you ever wanted to find a tool that allowed for groups to easily work together digitally? How about a way to communicate to your club or class? How about a way to share great websites or projects, or events on a calendar? How about an easy way for a whole district, or school to communicate and network?  The answer is: Check out edmodo.

Edmodo is a safe social network that can be used by students and staff. It is set up very similar to twitter or facebook but offers a safer, walled environment for students. You can use it as a classroom teacher, or request your own school district domain and have a place for your whole school to network. It’s all free! They also have great tutorial guides and scheduled webinars for users.

What can you do on edmodo? Post alerts, notes, links, videos, documents, keep calendars, share with groups (and sub-groups), have group libraries, create and distribute polls, post assignments with due dates, keep gradebook from assignments (and export as csv), archive groups, set notifications, subscribe through rss feeds,  and even have parent codes for access. The best part? It takes minutes to set up, then simply give your students the code and they are ready to edmodo!
We’d love to hear how you are using edmodo, leave us a comment and let us know.


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    1. Thanks for the comment and leaving your link to your post! I love how you are using Edmodo and that you were able to connect as well. I’m looking forward to seeing the teachers in my district expand their horizons through edmodo-
      Thanks again,

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