2010 Internet Numbers

Just for fun, I came across this post from Pingdom, “Internet 2010 in numbers”.  Here’s just some of the numbers I found interesting and my overall thoughts.

21.4 million websites added in 2010 (total 255 million)
1.97 billion Internet users worldwide (up 14%)
107 trillion emails sent (294 billion a DAY)
25 billion tweets sent on twitter
600 billion people on Facebook (up 250 million)

30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook per MONTH
3000+ pictures uploaded per MINUTE to Flickr
2 billion videos watched every DAY on YouTube

The message this tells me LOUD AND CLEAR is that many of our activities and time are spent in and on the Internet. That goes for our students even more. That is why we can not afford to NOT integrate technology into our lessons.  This is their world, so we as educators need to facilitate learning in this medium so that our students can see the potential of the Internet as a partner in their learning. So next time you need the students to collaborate, think about google docs, or a wiki or blog.

Next time you want your students to show you evidence of learning how about having them create a glog on glogster.edu, or a digital story, or publish a ‘how to’ using yudu or slideshare.  The important thing is that you look at other options, options that can immerse your students into the educational world of the Internet. A world they spend a lot of time in, why not show them how to learn on it as well?

For more stats check out ‘Internet 2010 in Numbers’

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