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36I just joined a great forum for e-readers- the Kindle, Nook (and more!) Educators ning. If your district is looking into purchasing e-readers for student use, this is a great group where you can get answers to the many questions you may be asking.

I have a kindle and love it, especially for reading fiction books. My favorite feature is the instant dictionary where I can find out what a word means as I read. I also like being able to highlight and create notes, although I’m still not quite sure what the best way is to refer back to my notes is. That is one of the reasons why I still buy traditional books for my educational nonfiction reading. I still love writing notes in the margins and using sticky notes to refer back to later.

I know there are many that would debate the best e-reader available, and there are some discussions on the ning that do just that.  I love this forum because it is full of members that have worked through many of the purchasing and loaning issues already. As we further explore e-readers and ebooks, why not learn from one anothers experiences?

I’m hoping to further explore using e-readers with students, I think we have a great opportunity to expose our students to digital books. I especially like the idea of having textbooks available through e-readers. Textbooks are a huge investment for schools and even though many have categorical aid to help with these purchases I see e-textbooks as being a great way to save money and invest in better resources for our students.  I believe that as more and more schools invest in e-readers, more textbooks will be available for this format. This will provide us with many more options then the traditional ‘big company’ textbooks that, in my opinion, are not always the best resources.

Please add your experiences with e-readers here, or on the ning- either way we’d love to hear how it is going!

Resources to check out:

Kindle, Nook (and more!) Educators ning

CK12 Flexbooks A resource for free digital textbooks

Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which e-book reader should you buy? Great comparison and review of the different e-readers and features.

Great websites for exploring ebooks and ereaders

Using eBooks in Schools: Negotiate, Train, Pilot, Expand  Great article from thejournal.

4 thoughts on “E-readers for Education

  1. Hi there-please see thekindleproject.blogspot.com site. the kids at city academy are starting up with the kindles now. i’m going to keep fundraising for it and kids will make blog entries about their use and thoughts and progress. would like to know what you think, thank you, jack

    1. @jack good luck with your project- I visited your site, very cool.
      @lisa good luck with your grant, I too am writing a grant for 30 nooks to use in our middle school.

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