Top 10 Posts of 2010

2010 was a great year, and I thank all my readers for coming and checking out the blog. Here are my top 10 viewed posts of the year. Enjoy!

1. Inspiration A post about inspiration, where we find it and how we keep it. It’s all about perspective.

2. Rigorous Digital Presentations Because when you have students create presentations it shouldn’t be about the facts but what they do with them.

3. Project-Based Learning The idea is to create a learning environment where students explore real-world problems and tackle issues in the context of authentic group projects.

4. Digital Competency What we can do in the classroom to increase students’ digital competency is to expose them to technologies, not necessarily so they only know certain applications, technologies, or digital tools, but more so that they can transfer their knowledge of one technology tool/world to the next technology they will need to use. In this post I highlight some ways to support digital competency in the classroom.

5. Being Professional in a Digital World Part 1 As educators (school staff, teachers, teaching assistants, paraprofessionals, administrators: anyone who works in schools) we need to be professionals and model good behavior for our students. This behavior doesn’t end at the school building, or out in the community, but also extends to the digital world as well. This post links to my ‘Before you click send, share, post status, submit… ask yourself these questions’ document.

6. Being Professional in a Digital World Part 2 Email Communication: The biggest issue is, when is email a good choice, and when is it not.  There are times when a call or meeting is better. I have had many teachers who have asked me when do I know that an email is appropriate? This post links to my ‘Email communication with Parents’ document for things to think about before hitting ‘send’.

7. Technology Revolution The technology integration revolution in schools won’t happen simply because the school purchases, installs, and ‘adopts’ the new technologies.  It will only happen when the educators identify the purpose and worth of the technology and then weaves its use into the classroom learning. Are you ready?

8. New Teacher Advice What did you wish you knew your first year? This post links to a wallwisher that has some great advice for new teachers. If you are a new teacher, check it out- if you are a veteran teacher please add.

9. Professionalism in a Digital Age This post focused on a presentation I created for my fellow educators to get them to think about social media, digital communication, and how they shape and mold our digital footprint.

10. Student Publishing Sites One of my ‘Writing Digitally‘ series posts, in this one I highlight sites where students can publish writing pieces on the web.

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