Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is certainly not a new concept. The idea is to create a learning environment where students explore real-world problems and tackle issues in the context of authentic group projects. When students learn this way they are not learning individual subjects in isolation, but rather applying knowledge from many different contents to solve a problem. Integrating technology into these projects seems like a no-brainer. It’s a natural fit. Here’s an introductory video on PBL:

Research also indicates that students are more likely to retain the knowledge gained through this approach far more readily than through traditional textbook-centered learning.
(Why Teach with Project-Based Learning?, Edutopia)

If you are not use to project-based learning, start out slow with one project that integrates at least two different subject areas. Brainstorm problems or questions that would stimulate discussion and then have your students solve the problem by completing a project. To help you get started check out the following resources.

Check out these great resources:

Why Teach with Project-Based Learning?: Providing Students With a Well-Rounded Classroom Experience

The Complete Guide to Project-Based Learning (An amazing resource on PBL)

Project-Based Learning Checklists (can also be viewed in Spanish!)

Project-Based Learning: An online resource

Exemplary Projects (This resource has great exemplary projects that can be reproduced)

Project-Based Learning for the 21st Century

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