Being Professional in a Digital World: Part 2

Email Communication

As educators it is our job to be good communicators and in the digital world we have many more ways to communicate then we did even 10 years ago. Email communication allows us to have another mode to contact the parents of our students to improve the home-school connection. As an educator I loved using email as a way to keep in touch with parents. It was an easy way to follow-up on parent-teacher conference discussions and report progress, as well as communicating about special events and project due dates.

The biggest issue is, when is email a good choice, and when is it not.  There are times when a call or meeting is better. I have had many teachers who have asked me when do I know that an email is appropriate? Or, have asked about how to respond to an email they have received from a parent.

After exploring resources I came across the Windham School District’s Email Guidelines on @cybraryman’s Teacher resource website: Parent/Teacher Communication Page.

From those resources I created an ‘Email Communication with Parents’ resource sheet.  You can access it below.

Being Professional in a Digital World: Email Communication

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