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In my last post I shared tools on the web where educators can publish pdfs, or other documents that then look polished and professional. (See complete list of  ‘Writing Digitally’ Series here)

This post is for sites where students can publish writing pieces on the web.  There have been many other posts created for lists of such sites. These lists are posted below under ‘more resources on student publishing’.

Which site you use will of course depend on your purpose and the type of writing your students are doing.  Here are some of my favorites:

Kids on the Net: This is a great site with many features, including resources for writing as well as the ability to submit writing. Students will need an email address to submit their writing. Write me a story gives kids a character, prop, and setting for them to write a story around. Stories are submitted and some are chosen to be published and voted on.

Teen Ink: This is a great teen magazine that gets all its writing pieces from teens all across the world.  Students have to be 13-18, register on site and submit a piece of writing for publication.  A great way for students to get published!

poetryzonePoetry Zone is a great site where students age 4-18 can submit their poems for publication. To submit poems they need to be sent in an email. Poems submitted are published for a month, or two, then they are archived on the site for a year. After a year they are cleared out.

KidsWWwrite publishes an e-zine every month that includes student writing. Students can submit up to 4 poems or a piece of writing no longer than 1,000 words. (For students 16 and younger)

Write Source has a publishing feature where they encourage students to submit their polished writing for possible publication in their handbooks or website. Why not have students pick one of their pieces of writing from the year and submit it here? Grades 1-12 students are encouraged to submit, and if published students get a $50.00 savings bond. A permission agreement is required and students under 18 will need parent approval.

If you are using a publishing site with your students, please share your experience below and leave a comment for us!

More resources on student publishing sites:

Best Places Where Students can Write for an Authentic Audience (Larry does it again, this is an extensive list and includes many different ideas for publishing various genres, from book reviews to travel recommendations.)

Student Online Publishing

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Creative Writing Links

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