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This week I will be working with teachers to add subscriptions to their Google Reader account. I’ve created a page on my wiki for others to add their favorite educational websites and blogs.  You can add yours here.

So, where do we find great websites and blogs?  Here are some ways I find them:

1. Often I will check out someone I’m following on twitter. If I click on their profile I can see if they have added a blog or website link.  From there I can click on their link and see what they are talking about.  If I like it I add it go my Google Reader feed.

2. As I’m searching bookmarked sites on diigo or delicious I will come upon a website that is a great resource. From there I will bookmark it and add it to my feed.

3. I also get many great resource links from my existing network, whether it be a link emailed to me, or a link from one of my many networks I am a member of.

I’m sure there are many other places where I get links, but the key is to keep an open mind.  If I think the blog or website is worth checking out I add it to my Google Reader.  This way I can check out their updates and see if it truly is useful information to me. Remember, once in a while go through your reader subscriptions and weed out those that you don’t find useful.

For more information on PLNs check out:

PLN Development Has information on setting up three accounts that will help you build your PLN: twitter, Diigo, and Google Reader.

Teacher Resources to follow This is the list I referred to above, has educational websites and blogs that you may want to follow through your reader, or bookmark.

Cybrary Man’s PLN Resources Great resource for everything PLN

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