The Paper Airplane

I saw this video today from called The Paper Airplane. Go ahead… click and watch, it only takes a few minutes.

It’s about risk-taking, it’s about problem solving, it’s about life skills that our students need to have.  The ability to think ‘out of the box’ and not simply do what has been done before because it is the common thing to do.

As educators we hope our students will be risk-takers and one way we do that is to create a risk-free classroom environment.  Classroom climate is KEY for students to feel safe and able to freely think and express their ideas. Once you have an environment that is conducive to creative thinking start asking students open-ended questions and allowing them to explore concepts.

Share this video with your fellow educators, administrators, and your students. Start having discussions about innovative thinking and above all set the environment for students to realize they are not just the recipients of knowledge, but the creators of their knowledge.

And by the way:  Special thanks to my PLN and  @ajillgalloway and @blairteach for sharing this video on twitter.

2 thoughts on “The Paper Airplane

  1. I enjoyed watching this video. I have been in situations in schools where Mrs. Hackett would have said Jeff cheated, because he didn’t stay in her box. We have to be open to students, their thoughtfulness and motive.

    1. Unfortunately I have also seen classrooms that were very programmed and educators who were looking for ‘the one right answer’. It is unfortunate… but luckily we as educators are starting to see the need for students to explore and operate out of a ‘boxed in classroom’.
      Thanks for the comment!

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