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I spend a lot of time in schools working with teachers to improve teaching strategies, techniques, and ways they can integrate technology into their curriculum to increase student motivation and achievement. Many times teachers don’t really know where to begin and just brainstorming with others helps them focus their goals. Often they just need someone giving them a peptalk and letting them know that you are there to support them.

Last week on #edchat we discussed how to get the ‘uninterested’ teacher to integrate technology. As the discussion progressed I could sense some who have become frustrated with teachers who do not use, nor do they intend to use technology in their classrooms. There were a lot of ideas brought up, most involving providing professional development, in-building support, raising expectations, showing the value of technology integration and the idea that teachers who have a good base in student-centered project based instruction see technology benefits more often then the ones who are more teacher-centered. (To see the archive of this #edchat go to the #edchat wiki)

Support is huge! How can we support teachers in how to effectively integrate technology into their curriculum? What are some of your ideas?

Comment below, or better yet add your ideas to the Wall I created below!

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4 thoughts on “Integration Support

  1. I liked the wallwisher idea but couldn’t find anything to add as I know some will never want to use technology or others will just reject and say they don’t want to share what they prepare. Everybody has their own way, let’s just hope one they they’ll suddenly feel the need.

    1. Thanks for your comment Eva. I agree there are some that don’t see the need to change, especially if they feel their way has worked for years. I have also seen some teachers who see the ‘wave of technology’ coming and have decided to try it, so I’m hopeful that some will come along.
      Maybe by exposing them to the power of using technology, seems like that is what most are saying they do on the wall.
      Thanks again for your comment-

  2. Dodie,

    There have been some really good ideas posted on your wall. Another thought I had was setting up a time for teachers to share with their fellow staff members. I am a visual learner and I think it would be powerful to have the opportunity to “observe” my fellow teachers in action. We could witness first hand an effective lesson that embeds the use of technology combined with good first instruction.


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