My top ten learning tools

This post is in response to Jane Hart’s request to vote on what you think are the top ten learning tools of 2009. Results to this will be compiled for the top 100 tools for learning in 2009.  For more information about this check out Jane’s blog. There are so many different tools that could have made this list, and as I’ve always said it really depends on your purpose.

Here are my top 10 learning tools of 2009

1. twitter – This is how I stay connected and how I can continue to grow. I love my PLN and #edchat

2. wordle – There are so many applications, I love this for brainstorming, analyzing primary documents, and creating great graphics for learning materials.

3. glogster – My new thing, I love the idea of having digital posters to share.

4. google reader – It’s how I can keep track of all the exciting blogs out there, while optimizing my time.

5. pbworks or wikispaces- collaboration, collaboration, collaboration… need I say more? Right now I have a tie between pbworks and wikispaces.

6. edublogs– I like this blogging platform for my own blog, it is easy to use and works for me.

7. SMART Response– great formative assessment data for teachers that informs instruction daily!

8. audacity– It’s free and easy and students can create professionally sounding podcasts.

9. SMART Board– The possibilities are amazing and the SMART Notebook software easy to use for teachers.

10. Photo Story– easy digital storytelling format, that anyone can use.

I’m sure if I created this tomorrow, it would be different- there are just too many tools out there.  Also, my focus will probably change, but as of right NOW these tools would be my top ten.  All of them can be used by educators to increase their own learning, and then use them with their students to increase motivation and learning.

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