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For the last month I’ve participated in a book study of Teach Boldly: Using Edtech for Social Good by Dr. Jennifer Williams. (Thanks @iCoachLindsay at #IDEAIL for letting me crash the party!)

As I reflect on what I’ve learned, there are a lot of ‘little things’, but the big thing is that of a bigger, wider perspective. (and the evermore belief that this wider perspective is even more important for our children to have) In our growing world we need to come together more so we can see how similar we are; for with knowledge of the world and all its humanity we will grow ever more closer with the heart.  Here’s how Jen put it in her final thoughts:

We are entering a new time in which we will interact regularly with technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and it will be imperative that our humanity is preserved. Decisions will need to be made based on empathy and compassion with humans at the center. What we are learning and teaching today can quickly become obsolete, so we need to be comfortable with change and prepared to be not only lifelong learners but also lifewide learners.

Yes, exactly. Learning should be a part of our lives, throughout our lives and throughout all facets of our lives. The minute we stop learning, we stop growing. As teachers we model and foster a love of lifewide learning so that this becomes the norm in school and beyond. It is our job to also foster ’empathy and compassion with humans at the center.’ I believe this can be achieved by teaching with the SDGs in mind and opening our students to the world that they are a part of.

Reading through Teach Boldly I created various artifacts. I’ve put these artifacts together in a #TeachBoldly Portfolio of sorts which I created with Canva. I’d love to hear how you are teaching boldly in the comments below. For me, I’m working on some ideas of a ‘Feed the World Challenge’, supporting virtual exchanges, starting conversations on how we can support using edtech for #socialgood, and personally will be donating to Soles for Souls with plans of organizing a shoe drive.  How about you? How would you complete the sentence:

I’d like to teach the world to…

Here’s my #TeachBoldly ‘Me in a Pie’ Chart highlighting ‘A Year of Action’ as an edtech coach this year:

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