Spark Change, YES!

I’m in the process of reading Spark Change: Making Your Mark in a Digital World by Olivia Van Ledtje and Cynthia Merrill. As an edtech coach, this book is a must-read for any educator who sees their job as a facilitator of empowering students to make a difference and be a positive digital leader! (and don’t/shouldn’t we all?)

I love how it is written, with Liv and her mother taking turns to give the different viewpoints and insights.

It really is about finding your passions, believing that your voice does matter and that you can make a difference. In Liv’s words:

…we want people who read this book to know it’s not about the flashiness of the tech, but about the depth of the thinking that can happen when kids share their passions. (p. xviii)

If we are truly going to change the world and support digital citizenship then we need to help facilitate students becoming digital leaders. That is what Liv is doing. Check out her work, share it with your students and then start the conversation in your classroom on how you all can ‘Spark Change’!

To learn more about #Livbits check out The Livbits.

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To quote Liv: Keep reading, keep thinking and keep watching #Livbits…

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