Today’s online organizational focus is the webtool Symbaloo (a personal bookmark managment tool). It is an easy, simple way to organize all your online resources in one tile organized place. You can also create separate ‘webmixes’ (sets of tiles) depending on themes or topics. I signed up and in minutes created a webmix of my most common websites all in one place, then made this my homepage. Now when I login at home my resources are all in one place, and I can also access this webmix from any device, any place. Translated: all my most used bookmarks are accessible through my ipad, cellphone, laptop, as well as any web-browser.  Fast, easy, saves time… what else could you ask for?

Oh yeah, they also have SymbalooEdu, which is designed for use with school districts and educators. Pricing starts at $24.99 a year for individual teachers to use with their classrooms, but there are also district pricing. To see how educators are using SymbalooEdu, check out their educator spotlights.

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