Two years ago I highlighted two tools to help students practice fluency and mathematical concepts. Since then I have been exploring and using Reflexmath for grades 2-5 math fluency. Like many of its kind, this is not a free program, but does require a purchase by ‘seat’ or site license. I believe though that if your purpose is to provide a program for students to practice and master fluency 24/7, as well as track their progress in order to inform your interventions then this program is worth your exploration.

Why I like Reflex math:

  • It is game based so students love it!
  • Students can focus on addition/subtraction as well as multiplication/division, depending on need.
  • The program individualizes practice so that students are focusing on the facts they are having the most difficulty with. (no wasted time)
  • The reporting feature is amazing and allows teachers to analyze individual student fluency on a fact-by-fact and family-by-family basis. Teachers can also view reports on student milestones, usage detail, fluency growth, group status and summary reports.
  • You can sign up for a trial to experience the features to see if they fit your needs.
  • They also now have a grant program— definitely work checking out!

If that doesn’t get you interested in checking it out I can also attest to their great customer service, the ease of setting classes and teachers up from a district perspective and easy to understand training materials.

Our district has started using this resource throughout our K-5 buildings and hope to see great results!

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