Visual data and presentation

It’s so new, they aren’t yet ready for users to create… but it is coming and I’m very excited about it…. A great webtool for sharing data in a visually pleasing way.

Infographics are a great way for educators to share data from surveys or other data found throughout the Internet. This tool says it will allow you to create data visually and easily. Check it out, click on ‘labs’ and put in your email address so you get notified when they are up and running with their full functionality.  In the meantime check out existing infographics they have on the site. When I searched ‘education’ I found some good infographics that I plan on using within presentations. (See the two examples below)

While you are waiting for it to be up and running, try out their ‘twitterize’ yourself. By connecting your twitter account they will create a twitterize infographic about your twitter activity… pretty cool.


American’s Report Card



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