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I was reminded this week about how important it is for us as educators to be ‘living’ and working in our students’ digital world. I went into a 9th grade class this past week and wrote about it in my last post ‘What your digital footprint says about you‘. During this presentation my biggest ‘aha’ moment was the way students decided who to accept as a friend when requests came in. Probably 85% of the students said that they decide who to accept  solely by mutual friends. “I look at mutual friends and if there are some I friend that person”, I heard this time and time again.  When I asked, “So even if you have no idea who this person is, if they are a friend of one of your other friends you accept them into your ‘inner circle?” they agreed, yes that is what they do.  Most didn’t even check out the person’s profile, but simply allowed others to make this decision for them. This surprised me a little.  When I started my second day presentation I started with the prezi below because I didn’t think they understood the ramifications of that action.

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