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My series on writing digitally includes two posts on publishing student writing.  There are many ways to publish student work, but most fall into two different categories:

  • Publishing writing using online tools
  • Publishing writing on a third party website

I wanted to address these two different ways, then write about them separately so you can see some of the examples of tools and websites that are available for publishing student writing.

Publishing writing using online tools:

Procedure for this would look something like this:

  1. Students are immersed into a writing genre.
  2. After reading various pieces, students start writing their own pieces.
  3. After completing the writing process (planning, draft,revision, edit, final copy) they put their finished piece into a word processing program.
  4. Then they save their project as a pdf (if your program doesn’t save as pdf, use an online tool such as Online pdf Generator, PDF Online, Convert word to pdf, or check out Larry Ferlazzo’s list of converters.)
  5. Most online tools will publish various formats, but I have found the best publishing is done with pdfs.
  6. Choose an online tool (See my post on ‘Publishing using online tools‘) and upload your pdfs.  If you teach students who are 13 or over, they can create accounts and do this step. If you teach younger students you will need to save your students’ pdfs and upload them yourself.
  7. Most of these tools will give you an embed code of your published writing (that you can then embed into a blog, wiki or other website) or you can share via a url. The finished product is very professionally looking and will include a ‘flippable’ view where you can turn the pages of your final work.

Publishing writing on a third party website:

  1. Usually starts the same way as above, students are immersed into a genre.
  2. When ready to publish, each website has their own procedures to submit the writing.
  3. There are many different websites where students can publish writing (coming soon-See student publishing sites- )
  4. There are also many different websites where students write and create their stories directly on the site (typically for younger students).  See my post on ‘Digital Story Tools’ for a more detailed look at these tools.

No matter which way you decide to  have students publish, it will have the same effect: motivating students to create amazing polished writing pieces.

Good luck, and above all have fun!

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