Free Tools for Schools

I came across this post and thought it was worth sharing here.

Top 11 Free Tools for Schools by David Andrande

I would rename it: Top 11 digital tools/resources for teachers to use.

This list gives some specific tools, but more importantly it gives ideas for teachers. For instance #7,9,10: ¬†using web 2.0 tools for professional growth (online journals and PD resources). To help you get started with #10: Free educational Web sites: way too many to list but easy to find! Check out my ‘Resources for teachers’ page on my wiki. This will help you find websites and blogs to assist your professional growth and help you with ‘everything education’.

As you read this list, there probably won’t be too many ‘aha’ moments, but there will be ‘I forgot about that tool’, or ‘yeah, that’s right I need to check into….’.¬† That is the beauty of this list: short, sweet, and good digital reminders for us digital teachers.


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