Day 100 of 365 Challenge!

I’ve made it to day 100 of the #365 Challenge, of which I am very excited!

youtellyouTo celebrate I have gone through and chosen my favorite pics of the first 100 days and have created a YouTellYou magazine story.

To view this story visit: 365 Challenge: The best of the first 100 days


This tool allows you import pictures and then create sections which you add those pictures to. You can import from your computer, facebook, flickr, or Smugmug. Once imported you simply add a section then add your pictures. If your section includes an area for text you can also add text. I found it very easy to use. Since I imported from my 365 pictures on flickr my descriptions also were imported.

To share your published story simply select the share button and you can email the url or share on twitter.  My only issue was that there wasn’t a way to get the embed code for my blog. But, after publishing others can write comments about your story and with the url you can always share it that way.

I liked this tool and can see students using it very easily. Students can create digital stories, write a ‘how to’ informational magazine, or any other informational story.  Also, students can go in and read other stories, adding comments to each others magazines.  This tool is a nice alternative to the video digital story tools if you want to try something different.

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