Telling a story, digitally

Digital storytelling is the art of creating a story using digital technologies. It is an amazing way to motivate and engage students. It is also a great way to have students work on their writing and reading fluency.

Resources for digital storytelling:

The Center for Digital Storytelling is an amazing source for examples of digital stories from all walks of life.

For Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling check out the University of Houston’s website.  It is a great ‘one stop shopping’ site for everything you could need to know about digital storytelling.  They have great examples, software options, tips on planning and components of and even sample rubrics.

Steps in creating a digital story: (created using Gliffy)

Storytelling Storyboards:

Digital storytelling template
Resources for storyboards from Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

Tools for creating digital stories:

Free download software: (components that can be used within each are noted)
photostory3Microsoft PhotoStory3 (images,narration,music) Extremely easy to use, even for young students.

moviemakerMovieMaker (images, video, audio or music) Comes with Windows

iMovie (images, video, audio, music) Comes with iLife with Macs

videospinVideoSpin (images, video, audio, music)

Some Web based tools:

animotoAnimoto (images, video, music)

Yodio (images, narration)

photpeachPhotoPeach (images, written narration, music)

Masher (images, video, written narration, music)

Jaycut (images, audio, music)

Don’t forget the best part about creating your digital stories, publishing them. For more information on publishing, read my follow-up post: Publishing a story, digitally.

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