Posters or GLOGSTER?

I created this glogster in about 20 minutes. This is a very user friendly tool where teachers and students can create glogsters and share them, instead of traditional posters. What a great idea to have students creating more interactive ‘posters’ where links, sound, and videos can be embedded, as well as the traditional text and images. I love the idea of not having all those old posters, paper, and cardboard piled up in the garbage can at the end of the project. Often in middle school students wouldn’t save their posters, but would take off what they wanted to, then trash them.
The other thing I like about this is that students can comment on each others glogsters and can embed them into blogs, on social network sites, or share the address of their glogster with relatives globally.
I can’t wait to have a teacher try this with their class. Has anyone out there tried glogster? How about letting us know here how it went- or what you plan on doing with it.

5 thoughts on “Posters or GLOGSTER?

  1. Hello,
    I’m an English teacher from Croatia. My students and I love glogster and have launched an international glogster project called Greetings from the world.
    Take a look at:
    It might take a while to load, as there are lots of photos, videos, songs…but you already know what glogsters are like. BTW, your glog is really nice 🙂
    all the best
    arjana, @abfromz

    1. @arjana, Thanks for the link, I loved your wiki and the glogster project you started. I will share this with my language teachers- they will love this application.
      Thanks again for sharing!

  2. I love this idea and I’m going to share it with other teachers at my school. Many of us like to use posters as a way for students to creatively show us what they know, but many of us don’t like the fact they’re normally quite large and there’s little space to store them until the end of the term, semester or year. And I always feel bad throwing out student’s work! I have been looking into Glogster over my summer break and plan on using it when I go back to school next year.

    1. Thanks Jim for adding this- registering with edu.glogster is great and does allow you to monitor student accounts. If you are on you can access the edu version from a link at the bottom. If you already registered for an account with the, you will need to choose a different username for your account.

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