10 thoughts on “Top 5 web 2.0 tools?

  1. Thanks Christin for this information. Also everyone, don’t forget that if you want to avoid the ‘gallery’ for wordle, always go to wordle.net/create

    This is such a powerful tool to use with students- or even just to make a point about themes. I used it at a meeting the other day, we put in the text of the new NETS Student Standards to see where the focus is now. Pretty cool.
    I also saw one done on a blog the other day- they put the text from the Obama speech to students he did recently.

  2. Hello to All Reading This,

    In my attempt to answer this question I think that I would like to start by first talking about the top 5 tools that I use for my personal learning adventure, and then talking about those that I use with students.

    Here goes…

    Top 5 Tools That I Use
    1. Delicious
    2. Google Reader
    3. Google Calendar
    4. Google Doc’s
    5. WordPress Blog

    There are certainly others that I use but I do believe this would be my top 5.

    Top 5 Web2.0 Tools for Students
    1. Blogmeister
    2. Wikispaces
    3. ePals
    4. Flickr Storm
    5. Animoto

  3. Hi Everyone,
    This is a loaded question for me since I am in this course to explore the options and hopefully determine the tools that best serve identified purposes. Such as: better communication with parents, interative discussions with staff, sharing of professional expertise, student applications etc. I am looking to the folks in the room to help me since I am a rookie when it comes to this but hopefully I can come away with at least one application that I can put in place and expand upon with staff, student and parents 🙂

  4. I agree with Therese in that I am new to this area of technology and haven’t had a chance to explore in depth the different tools that are available. I would love better communication with parents through the web especially when a student is on hometeaching or an extended absence. I personally love google reader and have had a chance to follow blogs both for teaching and personal use. Hopefully I’ll have my own up soon!

  5. We are glad to see that others are also figureing out how to use these tools. We were aware of them, but are excited to learn how to use them in the classroom.

  6. Like others, I am not familiar with many of the latest Web 2.0 tools that we will be learning about in this four part workshop. I am excited that we will together be learning ways to integrate these tools for increased student achievement in our respective subject areas. Thanks Jon for the Flickr Storm link. I check with out and it’s a great resource to have for my classroom.

  7. I keep thinking about this, and here are some I have liked using or thought about using:
    1. Blackboard
    2. Portaportal
    3. Twitter
    4. Google Earth / Google Maps
    5. Youtube/Teachertube/Schooltube

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